The OKCAPMAP team is always mindful of the family when it comes to infant, child, and adolescent mental health care. We support the PCP in their engagement with the family as they partner together to detect, diagnosis, and treat mental health disorders and support mental health in children. We know awareness, knowledge, and information are key steps to supporting a child’s mental health journey.

Mental Health
Crisis Lines –
available 24/7

The resource links below provide connection to abundant mental health information from trusted sources, and specified links connect to detailed information quickly. They can assist with immediate care as well as broad access to services information near your location.

Dial 988 to connect to your local mental health crisis line

  • Suicide prevention
  • Crisis intervention
  • Resource information
  • Urgent recovery assistance
  • Emergency care
  • Connection to services

Text “HOME”
to 741741

Texting “HOME” to this number will connect you with a trained mental health professional if you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis.