OKCAPMAP is not an emergency crisis line. Please call 988 for mental health crisis needs.

A virtual “by your side” consultant, board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and licensed mental health professionals are ready to support you in the provision of pediatric (ages 0-21) mental health care in your practice.
Just register and submit a request online or by phone.

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All support and services in OKCAPMAP are free to the provider. Providers must register for access to consultation, education, and referral assistance.

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Consultation is available immediately or scheduled at the primary care provider’s convenience. Consultation hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday thru Friday.

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OKCAPMAP consultation includes diagnostic review, medication management, intervention support, parent coaching, continuity of care, referral assistance, and much more.

Partnering in pediatric mental health care

Partnering in the early detection, diagnosis, treatment, referral, and recovery support of pediatric mental health and substance use disorders. OKCAPMAP aims to support Oklahoma primary care providers (PCPs) in their care of infants, children, and adolescents with psychiatric and mental health needs and to minimize barriers in accessing mental health care for pediatric patients.

Together, we can meet the mental health needs of our pediatric population.

What to Expect

PCPs can call OKCAPMAP’s phone line M-F 9-5 with pediatric mental health questions.  Some common reasons to call are questions on starting psychiatric medications, mental health diagnostic questions, or therapeutic intervention questions.  OKCAPMAP’s phone line is answered by mental health providers (MHP).  The PCP and MHP collaborate to decide best next steps.  These steps might include consulting with the child and adolescent psychiatrist (CAP), discussing “best-fit resources,” or walking through in-office therapeutic interventions.  PCPs can be confident that they will be supported by OKCAPMAP for follow-up questions as well.