The Oklahoma Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health Access Program (OKCAPMAP) supports the primary care provider’s provision of pediatric mental health care in the primary care setting. OKCAPMAP will provide Oklahoma’s primary care providers with child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health consultation, enhanced mental health education, and referral assistance to local and statewide mental health services.

Our Goal

We aim to maximize the number of primary care providers in Oklahoma receiving support for their care of infants, children, and adolescents with psychiatric and mental health needs by providing real time pediatric psychiatry and mental health consultations; offering enhanced psychiatry and mental health education and training; creating and maintaining a statewide infant, child, and adolescent mental health services and supports referral network; and assisting to minimize barriers in accessing mental health care for pediatric patients.

The History

OKCAPMAP is a pediatric mental health care access program (i.e., PMHCA). The first PMHCA was created in Massachusetts in 2004 (i.e., MCPAP) and this type of program was originally called a child psychiatry access program (i.e., CPAP). At this time, all fifty states and several tribal territories have created or are creating a PMHCA to address the child psychiatry workforce shortage across the US and attenuate the gap in access to pediatric mental health care. The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, Healthy Minds Policy Initiative, and OSU Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences partnered together and with others to bring this important program to Oklahoma. More information:

The Consultation

Registered PCPs can engage child and adolescent psychiatrists (CAP) and mental health professionals (MHP) to strengthen the care of their pediatric patients with mental health needs. Through telephone consultations with PCPs, OKCAPMAP can assist with medication management, diagnostic decisions, in office interventions, and family engagement. OKCAPMAP does not establish provider-patient relationships with the patients of registered PCPs, but rather provides services solely and directly to PCPs (provider-to-provider).

The Education

Registered PCPs can access enhanced education specific to their patient population and training needs. Registered PCPs can access asynchronous online modules, hybrid lunch and learns with case dissections, online learning library including archived PCP specific ECHO sessions, monthly newsletters, and in person specialty trainings. Many of these learning opportunities also provide Category 1-A CME.

The Referral

Registered PCPs can receive referral assistance to help their patient find a “best fit” therapeutic alliance and create a supportive mental health network. Comprehensive local and statewide services and resources will be included, as well as details for determining best options for the patient and the family. PCPs will also be supported in follow up on referrals, family advocacy, and continuum of care.

The Logistics

OKCAPMAP is available to all pediatric serving PCPs practicing in Oklahoma. OKCAPMAP is free of charge. Registered PCPs receive access to all aspects of consultation, education, and referral assistance. From time to time, registered PCPs will receive requests to participate in data collection to measure outcomes, outputs, and program evaluation.

The Partners

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Program Director
Rebecca Hubbard, PhD

Medical Director
Tessa Chesher, DO, IMH-E®

Clinical Consultant and Coordinator
Christina Brent, LPC-S